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miracle mama

i need a miracle everyday


You can't make the winter babe
thats dry long so
You'd better come on in my kitchen
it going to be rainin outdoors


Get your veggie burrito here! haha..


such a sad day for us- the king and i had to put our best friend of 13 years down today...our hearts are broken and cant stop crying. Rest in Peace Roxy Girl- we love you so- our house is so quiet,,,


OK, how do you post on someone's wall on this part of the forum?


All my possessions go in moving truck today. Hope to close Friday and hit the bay on Saturday! Need to de stress and listen to the music play.

Denver Man

I know it's silly but this summer tour is driving me craaaazzzyyy!! I don't know if I should just wait for the Fall and hope for the best there or try something this summer uuggghhh! :)


gone are the days we stopped to decide, where we should go we just ride


3 shows at red rocks see you all there!!!!!!!