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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71011 3 years ago
First taper t get to Red Rocks. I too have been going to shows for 30 plus years and finally made it this year. It did not dissapoint. I don't know why the f*&^ it took me so long...

Anyway for dark horse candidate I loved this show.

I: Iko Iko, Greatest Story Ever Told, Cold Rain and Snow, Me and My Uncle, Ramble On Rose, Loser, Money for Gasoline, Box of Rain
II: You Ain't Goin Nowhere*, Hard to Handle*, Two Souls in Communion*, Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > The Wheel > Supplication Jam > Death Don't Have No Mercy, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
E: Attics of My Life
Only ''You Ain't Goin Nowhere''; Only ''Two Souls in Communion''

I'm not a big Chris Robinson fan but I have to admit I was very impressed. The only aiko of tour opened our wedding reception haha.... GSET yes! 3rd song Married me a wife.... whole first set rocked JK was on fire.. the $$ for gas was superb and then the most "jammed out" Box Of Rain I ever heard. 2 souls in communion SCHWEET!!!! ..Phil bombing away during the other one... a somewhat rearranged wheel was kickin... supplication jam ( dammit I was so hopin he was goin to sing it) ... Death Don't was literally spine tingling.. Bobby in full gospel mode beltin it out... China >Rider exceptional... with the obligagtory cool clorado rain ( insert crowd cheering) .... Attics was really nice... this one seems to be gettin overlooked
by the intense in most eyes set 2 of Saturday and the overall greatness of Sunday. Good times WITS
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71075 3 years ago
Having seen Furthur since '09, I can say in my opinion that fall tour was their BEST yet. The red rocks shows were phe-fucking-nomenal. Highlights from that run were entire second set on saturday mostly, Wharf Rat, Rubin and Cerise, Brokedown, Hard to Handle, Box of Rain, and more. I liked the Monterey and L.A. sets a lot too, but didn't get to see them in person.

Editing to try and show WHY I liked it. God damn those red rocks show were incredible, Saturday especially. The reason it rocked so much, in my opinion, were the vibes at that show were super duper weird. In an incredible way, a lot of people were off in their head. I usually see people yelling, talking, drinking more. This night felt like everything was still and the music enthralled 90% of the people there in a really intense way. It was the most connected I've felt to the band, and the crowd. Even though it wasn't the normal vibes, it felt like a much more intense version of that. People could hardly remember lyrics wherever I went. I saw a lot of tears that night, from beginning to end. You could have heard a fuckin' pin drop during Morning Dew, which I think is really rare these days. I love the fact that we can still have these kinds of shows with 10,000+ people. It is so rare for everyone to stand and listen, the way it was meant to be. Shouts felt scattered and didn't subtract from the music at all, and when the crowd got together in intensity it felt really really powerful.

The band was working together incredibly well, and it felt like they had a really powerful control over the audience.
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71077 3 years ago
i thought all of the shows were great, i went to all 13, and right now i'm not spending time to discuss each one, i write reviews for most, with more to come..the two sloppiest in my opinion were 3rd night eugene and vegas...my favorite was sunday red rocks...everything else was great in it's own way...we're all going to have different favorites for different reasons..to "not understand" s omeone elses thoughts on a personal preference is pointless, it is simply being intolerant of anothers view
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71082 3 years ago
I can only speak from the couch tour perspective, but having heard at least a piece of almost every show, I'd agree that overall, this is the best tour yet.
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71086 3 years ago

Comparing Las Vegas to Red Rocks is like comparing Gomorrah (not the song dummies) to The Gates of Eden (yeah, THAT garden).

Solid tour....get on the bus........

Hope some of you east coasters made it to the rocks....glad ALL of you didn't........enjoy the fall tour everybody.....

P.S. BTW no scanners for tickets, ZERO pat-downs, and emergency-only security at Monterey both nites........
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71090 3 years ago
I haven't been able to stop listening to 9/27 Adams Center. The first set is smoking, about as good as it gets IMO. Half Step to start is a little rough, as many first songs are. But from then on it is a smoking show. The first set is one of my favorite that they have done.

Set 1
1. Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
2. The Last Time
3. Alabama Getaway
4. Octopus's Garden
5. Big River
6. Lazy River Road
7. Althea
8. New Speedway Boogie

Set 2
9. Celebration
10. Sugar Magnolia
11. Scarlet Begonias>
12. Fire On The Mountain
13. He's Gone
14. King Solomon's Marbles
15. Sugaree
16. Viola Lee Blues
17. Sunshine Daydream
18. Donor Rap

19. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#71363 3 years ago
I too have seen this band since their inception and agree they seemed low energy here and there - is this shocking at their age? That said, I was impressed more than not. Yes, Bobby had his low points (see a doc or just rest?), but the second sets, middle nights of Eugene and RR were wicked good IMHO. If that's Furthur at their worst, I can't wait to hear them at they're best! These tours with minimal nights off and far distances between shows are potentially too much for Phil & Booby. If that's true, the Nov. tour is gonna be one looong jaunt at over 4500 miles with no multi-night stands and few nights rest. With the immense amount of GD action these days (Furthur, TRI, new releases, side projects, Terrapin Landing, etc.) the boys seem to be giving it one last blast to go out in style... Let's just hope it's not in flames!
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#72474 3 years ago
The Eugene Sat. show killed! Monterey Friday was pretty smokin' too though. Good question. Goin' to the Fabulous Fox show. The Dead used to play epic shows there back in the day, like all night. Bet there gonna pull out the stops> Be there!
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#74973 3 years ago
I've listened to a bunch, not all.

Top Three in horizontal hierarchy:

Saturday at Eugene, duh.
Sunday at the Greek
Saturday at Monterey.... I am up to the Let it Grow. This show might be the best of tour. To make up for the previous night.

The Friday at Monterey is pretty sucky, imho.
Sunday at Cuthbert was pretty weak. Maybe because of the incredibly amazing time we had the night before, the party spilling into the early morning hours.

Saturday at RR remains somewhere in between. The Eleven, Caution, and Dew stand out, for me.

I admit Cuthbert attendance bias. But the tapes speak for themselves.
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Re: "Best" of West Coast Fall Tour

#75181 3 years ago
I don't like trying to put feelings for shows into words, it borders on impossible for me.

I just wanted to say that I felt the EXACT same way as Terrapin_Blue about the Saturday Red Rocks show.

That Morning Dew was a hair raiser (when all the fine little hairs on my arms stand up) of the first degree.

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