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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#85596 2 years, 11 months ago
Yeah, definitely a good show. 2nd set was outstanding!! Weird stuff on 81 but got there finally!One bitch: 12.00 for freaking parking my 1994 beater in the enclosed area???? wtf? but as always guys "thank you, for a real good time!"
Let there be songs to fill the air <3
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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#85869 2 years, 11 months ago
Mr. E. Space wrote:
The show last night was awesome this review is annoying you flew from NYC to Syracuse? What a waste of natural resources its a frigging 4hr drive at most...I hope its cause you have no car. The only problem with a show in New York is that its full of new yorkers

you must be from the midwest or west coast
i always think its funny when east coasters bitch about a 2 hour drive to the show
4 is about the shortest drive i get for shows

oh and revolution makes me dance around every time great show
this was i think there strongest show so far (but thats my opinion)
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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#85877 2 years, 11 months ago

I've been following this band around for the last three years - 60+ shows for me and I have to say that this was the best Furthur show I ever experienced.

This one was the 4th of 5 for me this tour, and the bands performance was the best i've ever seen - they were so tight and having so much fun after what seemed like a tense MSG, and we just soaked it all in. Bobby's vocal inflections were making me feel like it was 82 all over again - the versions of what they pulled out were trippy and creative - the setlist itself - first and second was, for me, to die for - and the energy in that room - along with the light show that particular night just blew me away. It was pure perfection in every way. I only wished that all of my tour buddies could have all been there with me - but in my mind they were.

Although the second set of AC was insane - and this dancers dream set in every way, as far as an entire show goes - nothing beat my experience at Syracuse and I can't imagine it ever will, although it wouldn't surprise me if some where down the line, one does.

They just keep getting better and giving more. How the hell do they do it? I don't know... don't really care - let there be songs - to fill the air....

We are all so blessed.
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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#86522 2 years, 11 months ago
i listened to about 3/4 of the 2nd set last night and was thoroughly impressed! absolutely smokin' show!!!
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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#87022 2 years, 11 months ago
I just started to listen to the Syracuse show. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the ABB tease (was it Jessica?) in Alligator...or am I dreaming?
Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right
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Re: syracuse 11-11-11 full review

#87266 2 years, 11 months ago
Well it took a while, but here is the review of the second set. The scotch was starting to take effect by now so I was wandering the halls a bit with wife and friends. Enjoyed a big pretzel with extra salt when the lights went down and the noise sounded. Instantly I knew it was WRS. Sunshine and jeff sounded great during this and the sound was extremely full. Even though i have heard Let is grow numerous times, bob had much more energy this one and nailed it. Once again JK and Jeff were reelin back and forth with Phil bombing the hell out of the war memorial. Very very spacey and unleashed right out of the gate. Like I said earlier to my buddy Tim, Old School second set for sure. DMF was a very pleasant surprise, nothing epic but solid none the less. From here on in is when the music was playin the band. (no pun intended). Every once in a while you catch a playin that is more than an ole favorite, and this is one of them. Extremely loud and clear. I noticed Phil was moving around teasing Russo to let it grove. I was caught off guard by I want you (Shes so heavy). Totally unexpected but the transition fit perfectly. They rocked this one. by this time we were lovin it. The crowd was mesmerized. Dark star!!!! Old school !!!!! Jamming jamming jamming. Space cadet recruiting. AS they say; when the going gets weird the weird turn pro. We love you was spot on in synch. Again Sunshine and Jeff added so much to the vocals here, I cannot believe I questioned their importance before. Then what about the mini drumz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil jumped at Russo and gave him some heavy head nod and waved his arm and Russo exploded. Id love to see some drumz inserted into the 2nd set again. One of my favorite jams ensued. KSM. JK was fantastic here. Phil was in his glory and again Russo was bonkers. it did not end. For those who do not liek a spacey jam, I do not recommend this second set much. It just froze people with a sense of fear and awe. Shake it shake it Sugaree!!!! I love this song. This was the hardest for me to concentrate on because of how much Jerry loved to play and sing this. Bobs lyric cadence is different, yet musically this was hotter than hell. If it ended here I would have once again been complete. But wow GDTRFB!!!! Loud and fast and crystal clear. The set ended and the crowd was exploding with joy. What a beautiful thing to see and hear. Brought chills to me. I predicted 11 for and encore and after Phil's rap sure enough they obliged me. One of my favorite tunes to end the night!!!! But again it did not end. They jammed hard and hearing the WP tease I thought for a moment they would go into it and Warren come out or derek!!! Thats the night it was. Then the lights came up a tad and US Blues!!! ROCKED. The band still had enormous energy which is amazing!!!!! The the SSB from the speakers!!! Unbelievable

Folks what a wonderful show. To be with my wife, friends, fellow heads, and have the band point to something beyond themselves made a magical night. It shows that the people you are with can sometimes make the whole night better than others. It brought back many memories of times gone by, cherished forever.

Thank you for a real good time!!!!
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